During pre production, we’ll work together to understand your audience, establish an overall direction for the video, draft a script or storyboards and develop engaging interview questions.


Depending on the scale of the project, we can tackle production ourselves or bring along a professional crew. With the latest high-end equipment and a detailed shot list, we’ll bring your story to life.


Post production is where we assemble all of the puzzle pieces including video, audio, sound effects, music, logos and motion graphics to deliver a beautifully polished finished video you’d be proud to share.


Years of film experience


Movies watched and reviewed in 2016


Donuts consumed in 24 hours


Furry companions

Recent Work

Here’s some of our most recent work. Everything from award-winning short films to commercial production. If you like what you see, let’s connect!

What We Do

Director Mike Reda and Cinematographer Derek Donovan specialize in commercial production, documentary and narrative storytelling. Our work has screened all over the country as well as a number of international film festivals, and we’ve won several awards for both outstanding direction and beautiful visuals.


We believe it’s often the countless, unseen details that take something from being good to being great, and we approach every project with that passion.

Skill Set

Mike and Derek possess just about every skill required to craft beautiful, powerful and engaging videos. They also have skills that are relatively useless outside of a video environment. For example: Derek can eat 30 donut holes in one sitting, and Mike has really good handwriting. But they are great at making cinematic videos, which is the most important aspect of this chart.


Meet the Team

Applebox Cinema Co. is a small but talented team (#humblebrag) comprised of Director Mike Reda and Cinematographer Derek Donovan.


Mike Reda


Mike grew up in Northern VA, but has been a Charlotte resident for more than 7 years. He has a background in graphic design and spent several years in college playing guitar in a band. He also keeps a running spreadsheet of how many movies he watches every year.


Derek Donovan


Derek grew up in the foothills of North Carolina and finally made the move to Charlotte after years of commuting. He is fascinated with light and all of its versatility. He has never turned down a taco or cookie, and has recently dedicated his life to two of the world’s cutest puppies.