Pre Production

It all starts with a great story! We’ll work together to understand your audience, establish an overall direction for the video, write scripts, develop interview questions, draw storyboards and create a detailed shot list.


Applebox Cinema Co. has an extensive background in film production, and we use that experience to light each scene, frame the shot and capture crystal-clear audio in order to make your product or brand look its absolute best.

Post Production

Finally, we assemble all of the puzzle pieces including video, audio, sound effects, music and any other assets you may require, such as logos, lower thirds, voice-overs, etc. to deliver a beautiful finished product you’ll love.

Pro Equipment

We use the best equipment on the market to make sure that your video is picture-perfect. We also believe that a great video engages the viewer with powerful storytelling, which is essential in marketing and advertising your product or brand. With a background in filmmaking, we pride ourselves in telling great stories and connecting with viewers on an emotional level. Our work has screened in over 100 film festivals, and we’ve won several awards for both outstanding direction and cinematography.


• RED Scarlet-W DRAGON 5K Cinema Camera
• Sony Alpha a7SII 4K Camera
• Canon and Rokinon Cinema Lenses
• Zoom F4 Field Recorder
• Sennheiser MKH 50 Shotgun Microphone
• Aputure Light Storm LED Light Panels
• SmallHD 702 and 502 Monitors