About This Project

Local hip hop artist Croix Rennie was looking to shoot a music video for his song, “Blame Kanye” and lucky for us, he found our work online and liked what he saw. Within a week we had our concept and our locations, and we were ready to roll.


Croix gave us complete freedom to shoot whatever we wanted, and while this video doesn’t necessarily have a narrative story, we still wanted to visualize some of the themes from the song. Basically, millennials are narcissists and it’s all Kanye’s fault. We agree with this statement. Since the concept of the song revolves around narcissism, we thought it would make sense to have Croix surrounded by mirrors and taking selfies.


We went back to Camp North End for most of our locations, but we wanted to use new spaces so that this video didn’t look too much like our first video with The Genuine.


We used our new Quasar light panel in our two darker locations, and utilized natural light for the rest of the video. We shot in 4K on the Sony a7SII using our Rokinon 50mm and 85mm glass. And our good friend Jordan K Ellis came out to help, as well as shoot some behind-the-scenes photos of the day. We had a great time and can’t wait to work with Croix again on his next video!


Watch the video here!


Camera: Sony Alpha a7SII
Glass: Rokinon 50mm, 85mm, t/1.5
Monitor: SmallHD 502
Resolution: 24fps at 4K, 60fps in HD
Color: DaVinci Resolve 14
Edited in Premiere Pro