About This Project

We were contacted by a local actor named Paul Freeman, looking to shoot some scenes for his acting reel. He had a few ideas for random “shots” he wanted, but before long he and some fellow actors had a whole script ready to shoot.


Not only that, but they found an amazing location, hired a makeup team, a pro sound operator and even hired local police to make sure no one in the neighborhood complained about all of the gunfire. We filmed 6 pages in just under 12 hours, which is extremely tight for an action film. But we got everything we needed and couldn’t be happier with the results.


We shot in 5K with our RED Scarlet-W using our Rokinon cinema prime lenses. We utilized natural light for most of the film, except for a few shots where we blasted an HMI through diffusion. We even embraced our indie roots a few times by bouncing a flashlight into a white board. Whatever it takes to get the shot!


We had a great time putting this together. We’re new to action, but now we’ve got a taste for it! Hope you enjoy the film.


Camera: RED Scarlet-W 5K
Glass: Canon 24-105mm
Monitor: SmallHD 502
Resolution: 24fps at 5K
Edited in Premiere Pro
Music: Firstcom