About This Project

After the success of our first music video with The Genuine, we wanted to shoot another one as quickly as possible to see if we could keep the excitement going. So the band worked together to find a great location at ARTivity on the Green in Winston Salem, right outside STITCH Design Shop.


We scheduled the shoot for the evening of Mother’s Day, and the band showed up early to pre-record the track. Again, they wanted to record live and out in the elements. Once it finally got dark, we set up our gear and got rolling. We knew we didn’t have much time, so we only did one performance take for each band member, and a wide shot of the whole band doing their thing. And we finished about 30 seconds before the lights in the public park were turned off, right at 11:00pm. Cutting it pretty close!


We shot on the Sony Alpha a7SII with our new Rokinon Cine Primes. We used our 24mm lens for the wide shot and then shot everything else at 50mm. We got great use out of the existing colorful LED lights at the location, but we also used our Aputure LS1 and LS 1/2 light panels to give each musician a neutral key light for their close-up. The whole video was filmed at 24 frames per second in 4K resolution, except for one shot, which was filmed at 60fps while their drummer matched playback at 2.5x normal speed.


We love getting to hang out with this band, and can’t get enough of their music. The next video in the works will be more of a narrative story as opposed to a live performance, and we’re so excited to get more creative and more cinematic with each new project.


Camera: Sony Alpha a7SII
Glass: Rokinon 24mm, 50mm, t/1.5
Monitor: SmallHD 702 & 502
Resolution: 24fps at 4K
Audio: Recorded and mixed by Companyon
Edited in Premiere Pro and After Effects CC