About This Project

Recently we were asked to¬†shoot some TV spots for Tile Collection in Charlotte, NC and even though they’re only 10-seconds long, we were actually able to pack in a lot of information!


We shot during business hours, which was tricky because the showroom was often filled with customers, so clean audio was a bit of an obstacle. We also needed to film content for 4 commercials in just a few hours, so this shoot was a bit of a challenge. But it all came together in the end, and the client went on to say, “They look AMAZING- by far the highest quality of video we have ever seen. You all made us look good!”


Filmed in 4K with the Sony a7sII and Rokinon prime lenses, we utilized natural light from nearby windows as well as an HMI through diffusion to serve as a key light for our on-screen talent.


Camera: Sony Alpha a7SII
Glass: Rokinon 50mm, 85mm, t/1.5
Monitor: SmallHD 502
Resolution: 24fps at 4K
Audio: Zoom F4 Field Recorder
Edited in Premiere Pro and After Effects CC