About This Project

Official Selection of the 2018 Joedance Film Festival!


We always love the underdog story; someone who perseveres against the odds. We met Jese back at film school and knew he was involved in boxing and MMA-style fighting, but never knew the deeper story.


After we founded Applebox Cinema in February of 2017, we thought it might be cool to make a mini documentary about Jese to learn what it’s like to step into the ring. We contacted our friends at RockBox Fitness in Charlotte, and they were generous enough to let us film all day in their space.


We set up our Aputure LS1 light panel during the interview with Jese, but otherwise we relied entirely on the existing red and blue lighting inside the gym. We shot in 4K on the Sony a7SII using our Rokinon 35mm, 50mm and 85mm lenses, and captured the audio with our Zoom F4 and the Sennheiser MKH-50 shotgun microphone.


We think this is a great look into the mind of a fighter, and the events that led them to the sport, and we’re thrilled with how this video turned out! Thanks to Jese for letting us film your workout!



Camera: Sony Alpha a7SII
Glass: Rokinon 35m, 50mm, 85mm, t/1.5
Monitor: SmallHD 502
Resolution: 24fps at 4K
Edited in Premiere Pro